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Hhello,  im  daniel

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communicating with spirits from devices through the latest breakthroughs in technology. capturing proof of the afterlife and evidence of the paranormal.

such as,video, evp and other audio,the slsSLS camera device, pictures, recording ovilus logs,etc.

paranormal investigator


my gifts have allowed me to feel and see what i cant see with my physical eyes.

i can feel their energy and sense them all around me.

im spiritually sensitive

to where i can pick up their vibrations 

its as if i have this antenna built into my body that is constantly scanning and tuning in like a spirit box.

i use to be afraid of the paranormal...until now.

the door has already been its time to step into their realm and enter into their world.

i want to experience the unknown and face what fate has led me to become.

im not scared of investigating the paranormal and whats waiting on the other side.

i love music,movies,

video games,reading, everything paranormal, poetry,artifacts,museums, 

history,and research.


i like to try and help spirits who are stuck here move towards the light.

sometimes they just want someone to talk to or feel the need to tell you their story. but thats not always the case.

during each individual investigation i may encounter poltergeists, the noisy, pesky spirits who are always at unrest wrecking havoc and disturbing peoples lives.)

residual energy, a.k.a. ghosts, and demons. they like disguising themselves as good spirits, spirits of children, or family members that have passed on.)


connecting to the spiritual realm by opening their doors and portals.

im learning how to use my abilities,and how to control them. S

spirits know i have them. theyve called me directly by my name.

they have called me an empath, clairvoyant, seeker, investigator, and nice.

some spirits get mad and upset because they know exactly who i am before i even say anything to them.

im learning to understand what theyre trying to tell me by having patience and gathering further evidence and research to gain knowledge. 


clairsentient, clairvoyant.

unusual feelings or sensitivity on a higher level than normal. experiencing goosebumps and sensations when there is nothing there that i can physically see but can feel it.

sometimes its scary because i know whats really out there lurking in the dark or at home when im alone. watching. W


to reach out to me if they are good spirits, or waiting to do me in if theyre evil.

i have felt that my entire life so i decided

to put it to good use. i want to help people and try to get answers for what can only be explained as paranormal.

i want to also help get rid of hauntings, evil spirits, residual ghosts, and most importantly, help spirits that feel trapped and are scared of judgement and going towards the light. because some spirits, they may choose to want to stay as they actually might have unfinished business

to attend to.

that or they wish to remain to look after their loved ones until they too as well pass over...and maybe join them too on the other side of the veil. 

All interviews must be done at the location. My services are free of charge.
If you need a Paranormal investigator look no further.​
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